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How to Apply

Please read the Trustees’ Eligibility for a Grant and Key Points before applying. This will save unnecessary work and avoid disappointment in cases that don’t qualify. Processing of grants is continuous so applications can be made at any time.

Applications must be made on our online application form via a test to determine eligibility. If successful, you will automatically be directed to the application form.

The form cannot be saved mid-process. Therefore, if your project is eligible, applicants are advised to view the form, but to return later with the following information prepared:

  • Official information about the Charity, e.g. registration number, legal name, website and postal address. Do not use all capitals, except for acronyms.
  • Contact details of the person applying
  • Geographical area served by the Charity
  • The Charity’s main objectives and activities
  • Annual income range of the Charity (drop-down field)
  • Age range of the Charity’s target beneficiaries (drop-down field)
  • Project summary (max. 200 words), e.g. to build an extension to our village hall because…; to refurbish a youth centre in order to…, etc.
  • Project details, including the need and purpose; who and how many will benefit; composition of management team; total cost, funding secured and sources, and fundraising strategy for the shortfall. Applicants must provide this information within the form and not as an attached document. This will avoid the application being automatically declined. Ensure paragraphs are clearly separated and with headings for clarity.
  • Supporting information should be attached to the application (a maximum of three documents). Please include a budget for the project, relevant quotes from suppliers and plans. Without supporting information the application is likely to be rejected.
  • Financial Accounts: Please ensure that the charity’s most recent audited accounts are available to the Foundation to download as a document from the Charity Commission website. If they are not available as a document or if you are an exempt charity, then you must supply the charity’s accounts as an attached document. Without a recent financial statement, the application will be automatically declined.

Please retain a record of the information submitted in your application as the form cannot be returned to you.

Applications will be acknowledged by email. The Foundation endeavours to make a decision within six months, with an answer one way or the other, but it may take slightly longer.

Following an application, please do not reapply for at least twelve months (from the date of your original application) as it will be declined automatically.

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