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Grant Recipients

This section is for charities that have been offered a grant.

Please also refer to Terms & Conditions.

Pledged grants

A pledged grant is when an offer of an award is made, but payment is withheld until the project is underway. A pledged grant is usually released when the balance of the funds to proceed with the project has been raised. When this occurs, please supply documentation that provides intent or proof of expenditure such as:

  • A copy of part of a relevant supplier contract with a firm start date and signatures
  • A copy of a supplier’s invoice or invoices covering at least the sum of the grant amount.

Funding contracts/award letters are not required.

Pledges are valid for 24 months only, unless otherwise agreed. Progress updates are required by email at least annually. In addition, you should contact us as soon as you become aware that you may not raise the balance of funds within this time. Provided the project is moving forward positively, the Trustees may consider extending the time scale of their pledge.

Grant payment

When an appropriate document has been supplied to us, grants are released and paid by cheque to the official name of your charity. We request an email to confirm the cheque has reached its intended recipient.

Reporting on your grant

Grant reports are currently not mandatory, but Trustees appreciate receiving by email a report and, where appropriate, a photograph, when a project is completed. Although there is currently no format for a report, we encourage grant recipients to summarise how the grant contributed to:

  • What your project does (activities)
  • What your project produces (outputs)
  • What your project achieves (outcomes, including current and/or anticipated benefits)

PDF documents are preferred and file size should be under 3MB.

Grant acknowledgment

The Foundation generally does not seek publicity. However, we are happy for the Foundation to be listed with other supporters in a charity’s annual report and, where applicable, on a donor board. As the Foundation currently does not have an official logo, the full name should be used: The Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation. Where space is at a premium, the ‘The’ may be dropped if necessary. However, we would rather not appear on grant recipient’s websites, social media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.), leaflets or hoardings.

Invitations to events

While we are happy to receive invitations to events, such as the completion of your capital project, we are a small team and it is generally not possible for us to attend.

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