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Terms and Conditions

When you accept a grant offer or a grant from the Foundation, it is on the understanding that you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Grant Offer

  • A grant offer is valid for a maximum period of two years unless stated otherwise in the offer email.
  • The offer automatically expires at the end of the two year period unless an extension has been requested and agreed with the Foundation. Reminders are not issued.

Grant Payments

  • The grant will be spent for the purpose approved by the Foundation and as described in the grant offer email.
  • If you anticipate any substantial changes to the size of the project or its purpose or wish to change the way that the grant will be spent, you must contact us in advance to seek our agreement.
  • Any part of the grant that is not required for the purpose approved will be refunded to the Foundation.
  • The grant will not be used for work outside England or Wales.
  • We reserve the right to withhold a grant or require repayment if:
    • We find that false information has been supplied to the Foundation.
    • There is any evidence of bribery, corruption or other activity that could damage the reputation of the Foundation.
    • The work undertaken is not the work for which the funding was approved.
    • The Foundation fails to receive a project report which was requested in the grant offer.
    • Your organisation becomes insolvent or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation and the funding has not been spent on its intended purpose.
  • You will inform us of serious incidents, including but not limited to safeguarding or fraud (whether relevant to the funded project or not) and plans for any changes to the governance of the charity.
  • We will sometimes add additional conditions to an individual grant to take account of particular circumstances. These will be included in the grant offer we make to you.

Publicity and Data Protection

  • We have the right to visit to see the work funded by the Foundation.
  • The Foundation may publish basic details of grants (such as the award amount, the date and purpose) in its Annual Report, on its website and other publicly available databases and reports.
  • As a recipient we will keep your details on our database. We only keep this information for the purposes of assessing and managing your application and any grant awarded to your organisation. We never share this information with third parties.